Zefort: revolutionizing contract management with UI testing

Zefort is the fastest and easiest way to manage all your contracts. You can create, sign, and store contracts on their AI-powered platform with minimal effort.

Software Sauna was responsible for automating UI testing and upgrading Zefort’s frontend. Furthermore, an important aspect of this project was to transfer knowledge about testing to Zefort’s internal development team.

With a higher test coverage, quality of life is immediately improved, as bugs are caught and fixed earlier. These gains multiply in the long run since automations improve both efficiency and reliability of the software. When less manual testing is required, Zefort’s team can also focus on higher-yielding tasks.

We have introduced a more scalable and secure way of testing and a system to provide concrete cost savings by efficiently allocating resources.

Our greatest pride, however, is that Zefort is now better equipped to build upon this improvement independently. With new tools in their toolbox, you can expect an even better contract management platform in the future.

Technologies used with Zefort

  • Javascript
  • |
  • Jest
  • |
  • Playwright
  • |
  • React
  • |
  • React testing lib.
  • |
  • TypeScript

Software Sauna stands out for me with its high expertise level and exceptionally pleasant team.

Ville Laurikari