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Pisara’s educational storytelling app revolutionizes learning

Pisara Learning is a company that provides digital learning solutions. Together we developed an interactive educational storytelling application in the browser and the framework for writing future content for it.

With the help of Pisara’s design and concept, Software Sauna developed the application from scratch. The application includes functionalities such as drawing, stamping, drag&drop, and connect-the-dots. As these functionalities were combined with different tasks, it resulted in a beautiful educational story. Now the pupils can learn by drawing modernly, with modern tools.

In addition to developing the application, the Sauna team guided Pisara on how to make adjustments and configurations independently in the future.

Technologies used with Pisara Learning

  • Phaser
  • |
  • TypeScript

We didn’t have any problems with deadlines, communication was quite swift and easy via Slack. Also video calls kept all of us on the same page when necessary.

Ville Tuovinen


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