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Seamless artist booking now a reality with the Gixon app

Gixon App is a marketplace where music lovers can book artists for private events. When Software Sauna was involved in the project, Gixon already had an existing application. However, the app was tormented by technical problems, which meant that Gixon couldn’t launch it.

With the solutions proposed and implemented by the Sauna team, Gixon received a highly functional and sleek mobile application, which they were able to launch. The Gixon App is available both for Android and iOS users.

The Android app is built using Kotlin, with MVVM architecture. The iOS app is built on Swift, with VIPER architecture. The back-end is written in NodeJS and TypeScript, with various incorporated AWS components. Additionally, we created an admin panel written in React and TypeScript, for easier control of app properties without the help of a technical person.

Technologies used with Gixon

  • Heroku
  • |
  • Kotlin
  • |
  • Node.js
  • |
  • React
  • |
  • TypeScript

They understood perfectly what we were looking for.

Sebastian Coppola