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Hotelway streamlines hospitality industry with intelligent dashboard

Hotelway’s service connects the hospitality industry and its guests seamlessly. The Hotelway chatbot assists guests in planning their upcoming trips, whereas the Hotelway Reporting Dashboard delivers valuable insights for hotel decision-making.

Software Sauna has worked closely with Hotelway in developing the Reporting Dashboard. We have created more than ten reports, with which the hotels are up to speed with customer demand and gain a base for future planning and forecasting. Software Sauna was called to support Hotelway’s internal software development team and is now a fully integrated part of the team.

Technologies used with Hotelway

  • Angular
  • |
  • BigQuery
  • |
  • Firestore
  • |
  • GCP
  • |
  • Node.js
  • |
  • TypeScript

What I think is especially good is their quick reaction to different situations and smooth communication, even if we work together from different countries.

Samu Raunela


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