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Maxicaster is a leading multi-solution TV technology company focused on delivering and operating complete TV and Video delivery solutions. Concentrating on the maritime sector and providing entertainment solutions in other spaces, Maxicaster provides its services for cruise ships, making the journey more enjoyable for passengers and the crew.

We have enjoyed working with Sauna on two separate customer-facing projects in the mobile space (Android/iOS) and event management (React). Outsourcing pre-existing work interfacing large backend systems is not trivial. In both cases, the Sauna developers have shown themselves to be quick learners who have confidently assumed ownership of previous work with minimal overhead from our side.

The right questions have been asked at the right time regarding independently taking key decisions, allowing us to be confident that work is always tracking in the right direction. This has allowed us to truly free resourcing internally while leaning on the strong expertise provided by Sauna.

Technologies used with Maxicaster

  • Android
  • |
  • iOS
  • |
  • React

We are already looking forward to further collaboration and expect Sauna to remain a key partner for us for years.

Kristoffer Lindqvist

Technical Director