Why choose Software Sauna?

We merge Nordic business culture with top-notch Mediterranean engineers.

Guided by principles of innovation, openness, and impact as we strive to achieve our vision and mission. Established in 2018, we’re dedicated to transforming industries, fostering growth, and creating enduring success. Discover our core values that drive success, and peek at where it all began.

Our values

Mario - Software Sauna

Be transparent

Transparency towards clients and our people is vital to our success. We rely on proactive, direct, and honest communication to help us collaborate efficiently and solve problems. Trust is formed at the beginning and strengthened along the journey. That way, we’re building a solid culture of integrity.


Take responsibility

A flat hierarchy reflects proactivity and responsibility. We are open 24/7 for everyone to share company-wide development ideas and suggest fixes for any issues of our own or clients. Every individual is committed to boosting their ideas and making them happen!


Never stop learning

Personal growth builds the foundation to serve our clients better. We are not afraid to be curious and experiment! If something needs to be fixed, we are not afraid to pivot and find a way that does.


Commitment to excellence

For us, technical excellence is not just another goal; it’s integrated into Sauna philosophy. We breathe it, we think it, we live it. Our technical experts enable this through an uncompromising commitment to top-notch development practices and the highest code quality possible.


Put people first

Respect for people is non-negotiable for us. We acknowledge and react to everyone’s opinions and needs. Collaboration and sharing knowledge are the backbone of our work. That way, we can encourage and help each other flourish – the only road we want to take!

Our vision

To be the No. 1 nearshore partner for Nordic companies by being the most developer-centric software development agency in the SEE * region.

* Southeastern Europe

Our mission

Connecting forward-thinking organizations to nearshore talent markets in the SEE region and creating value for all parties.

Where did it all begin?

Software Sauna was founded by two Finnish friends who wanted to create a service to meet the needs of modern software development. We merge Nordic business culture with top-notch Mediterranean engineers whose skills are forged on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

We work side by side with our clients on the frontier of digitalization and challenge each other to succeed every single day. As people and technology are close to our hearts, we say:

“Happy Programmer – Happy Client.”

Ilkka-Cristian Niemi – CEO of Software Sauna

Where are we now?

We are 35 software development professionals serving you in Zagreb, Helsinki, and Skopje, and we just turned five years old! Check the Sauna timeline to see what happened between 2018 and now.

Software Sauna team 2023

“Happy Programmer – Happy Client.”

The Sauna

The story of Software Sauna – imprints how we have thrived during challenges, celebrated achievements, and grown continuously. Let’s go!



Software Sauna starts to heat up on Croatian ground: the company sees the light officially and immediately hires its first developer.


Cooperation with the first Finnish client starts.

“Sauna Brew” pale ale sees the light.


Zagreb Tech Sauna starts, and the very first meetup is organized.



Sauna celebrates its 1st birthday and hires its Head of People Operations a few days later.


The first Sauna-owned greenfield project starts. (Which is still successfully ongoing!)


COVID-19 – Do you really want to go there?


Well, something good cooks up: Sauna becomes a fully remote company and partners up with the cool guys of the GIXON app.



To honor the Finnish heritage of the company, Software Sauna can now be seen at the Helsinki airport on a massive billboard.


Software Sauna partners with the first Plc in the Finnish market.


Hej på Sverige! The cooperation with the first client in Sweden begins.


Sauna sails to the beautiful country of the vikings: the first Norwegian client is a fact.



Expansion news! Software Sauna opens an office in North Macedonia.


The biggest team-building event in the history of Sauna – the beautiful Croatian peninsula of Istria as the location.


Sauna expands to Finland, and the Commercial Director joins the heat.


The official Sauna employee headcount reaches 30.


Sauna is pleased to partner with a client that is digitalizing the payment market in the African continent.



Software Sauna sets in stone its core values and rewards the people who represent them the best.


A vital celebration milestone: five incredible years of Software Sauna!


Sauna presents a record of 67% approved candidates for different client positions.


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