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Roidu: Enhancing customer feedback across all touchpoints

Roidu provides a multi-channel solution that collects feedback at each customer touchpoint. Roidu’s multi-channel service adapts to every need and their state-of-the-art surveys and questionnaires can be easily customized to suit each respective phase of a specific customer journey.

Software Sauna partnered with Roidu over a year ago and the cooperation has been fruitful from the outset. At the heart of our successful collaboration was a mutual commitment to realistic planning and flexibility. These core values provided a stepping stool for long-lasting strategic cooperation.

While Software Sauna is celebrated for its quality-driven software development, Roidu required expertise of a different kind – that of a Site Reliability Expert. The given tasks at hand spanned a diverse spectrum, ranging from integration testing to SQL optimization, Docker migrations, and redefining Bitbucket pipelines. These critical upgrades significantly enhanced the reliability and efficiency of Roidus service.

Technologies used with Roidu

  • Docker
  • |
  • Google Cloud
  • |
  • Kubernetes
  • |
  • PostgreSQL
  • |
  • Python

It has been very easy to work with Software Sauna. There has always been a sense of security about our co-operation. No matter the task, we can always trust that it will be done with utmost care.

Pasi Norolampi


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