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Exceeding expectations: Treet digitalizes pharmaceutical industry

This project aimed to build an application to digitalize the pharmaceutical industry. Treet originally intended for Software Sauna to only be involved as a temporary addition to their team, but they have been so happy with the work that the Sauna full-stack developer has been a part of the Treet team for a couple of years already.

Treet aimed to have high code quality and test coverage in their codebase. Together, we have delivered and maintained the codebase in a way that exceeds expectations.

Technologies used with Treet

  • Django
  • |
  • PostgreSQL
  • |
  • Python
  • |
  • React
  • |
  • React Native
  • |
  • TypeScript

Originally it was intended for the developer to be a temporary addition to our team but we’ve been so happy with her that she’s been with us for a couple of years now.

Henry Lockmer


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