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Fondion Transforms Construction with Innovative ERP Solution

Fondion is a comprehensive ERP dedicated to serving the construction industry. This state-of-the-art system enables clients to increase efficiency and monitor their real-time costs and incomes. In other words, Fondion has the means to increase the profitability of their customers.

The key highlight of Sauna’s collaboration with Fondion has been the dedicated effort to refactoring the codebase. This initiative was pivotal in improving the system’s maintainability and enabling Fondion to implement new features faster and more precisely.

Beyond the code refactoring, Software Sauna helped Fondion implement several new app features that Fondion’s customers had eagerly awaited.

Software Sauna’s professionals seamlessly integrated with Fondion’s in-house team, creating a collaborative spirit that significantly contributed to the project’s success. Regular discussions about team collaboration and continuous improvement fostered an open and constructive atmosphere, creating a space where ideas flowed seamlessly.

Technologies used with Fondion

  • AWS
  • |
  • Python
  • |
  • React

Our cooperation with Software Sauna has not only achieved its technical goals but has further enhanced both parties’ work methods, team dynamics, and overall efficiency.

Kimi Päivärinta

Tech Lead