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My Auntie app improves support for employee mental health

Auntie is a low-threshold mental well-being service that supports employees suffering from stress, overachieving, or lost motivation. Their services are used by over five hundred pioneering organizations, ranging from small expert companies to major global corporations and public-sector organizations in the Nordics and Europe. Services are provided all together in 25+ languages.

The cooperation between Auntie and Software Sauna started at the beginning of 2022. Auntie continuously sought full-stack developers to enhance all their applications but faced challenges hiring fast enough engineers for their in-house team.

Software Sauna initially allocated three experienced Java developers to work closely with Auntie’s CTO and in-house development and product teams. Software Sauna’s developers worked in two different Auntie teams, developing the My Auntie application and taking care of integrations and databases of the whole Auntie service. As the project progressed, the team was reduced to one developer who continued working with Auntie. The work has been conducted 100% remotely, utilizing tools like GitHub, Asana, and Nuclino for communication and project management.

Technologies used with Auntie

  • GitHub
  • |
  • Java
  • |
  • MySQL
  • |
  • Vaadin

The great culture fit for our company and seamless communication with both the company representatives and the developers, combined with their technical proficiency, made Software Sauna a valuable and well-fitting partner for Auntie.

Mikko Franssila


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