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Wunderdog triumphs in global marketing and cloud-native projects

Wunderdog and Software Sauna have already cooperated on several different projects. In our first joint project, we customized Wunderdog’s client’s WordPress-based CMS for a global marketing campaign. Our team provided full-stack development using React and updated the UI by incorporating the client’s visuals. We created a Hybrid Team with Wunderdog and allocated separate full-stack developers for the front-end and back-end. The project was carried out in one-week sprints using agile methodologies.

In our second project, we worked on a micro-service cloud-native marketplace for a European client. The project was challenging due to distributed locations, technical complexity, and high availability demands. Our developer was part of a small agile team, in which she was responsible for developing, configuring, deploying, and monitoring a set of 20+ micro-services. We were mostly working on REST endpoints and background jobs responsible for ingesting, storing, and providing shop product data to the rest of the platform.

Technologies used with Wunderdog

  • CSS
  • |
  • GraphQL
  • |
  • Javascript
  • |
  • Node.js
  • |
  • React
  • |
  • Ruby
  • |
  • TypeScript

The team was transparent and capable, but also willing to acknowledge where they needed our help.

Mika Viskari


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