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Popit enhances medication adherence with upgraded web application

Popit is a medtech company that wants to put an end to people forgetting their medications. With their clinically proven adherence solution, which reduces missed doses by over 80%, Popit truly makes a difference in people’s lives.

In initial discussions between Popit and Software Sauna, the plan was to make improvements to Popit’s existing internal web application. Originally developed in 2017, some parts of the application were understandably in need of upgrades.

After Sauna’s consultant dug into the application and had further discussions together with Popit, conclusions of best action plans were drawn. The most cost-efficient and futureproof solution in this case was to rebuild the application altogether. Being rather light, it amounted to roughly the same amount of work for Sauna’s consultant, as improving the old application. By starting from a clean slate, it will be much easier and more efficient for Popit to build new functionalities and maintain the existing ones.

Technologies used with Popit

  • React

All in all, I am very pleased with Software Sauna’s service.

Teemu Piirainen