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Heating up the marketing – Welcome, Ville Kauppi!

After Sauna turned four years the last spring, we made our first move outside of Croatia by starting operations in Skopje, North Macedonia. In August, we finally entered our founders’ homeland and landed in Helsinki, Finland: our Commercial Director, Joona Komulainen, was the first employee at the Helsinki office.

But as we know – the more, the merrier, so the natural move forward was to enforce our Finnish team by taking the marketing function to the next level. We are super excited that Ville Kauppi joined our team in October as a part-time Marketing and UX Director.

The digital marketing jack-of-all-trades

Ville has twenty years of experience in professional design and B2B sales and marketing. After working in the Finnish event marketing industry for over a decade, he deeply delved into digital marketing and social media. Since then, Ville has been working in numerous fields of digital marketing for several international software companies, so the domain is more than familiar to him.

He came, he saw, he made everything work smoother

Ville is thrilled to improve the user experience at all buying stages and make things work more efficiently for both customer and the supplier. At Software Sauna, Ville has already shown his first tricks by polishing the Sauna visuals and optimizing the tech stack of our webpage. In addition to developing our internal processes and marketing operations, he will also be helping our clients with their UX needs.

Welcome, Ville!

PS. As familiar as the software domain is to him, so is Zagreb – Sauna’s hometown! The featured image features Ville at Weare50, the best burger joint in the city.

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