First Sauna employee in Finland
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First Sauna employee in Finland – Joona Komulainen

Summer months usually mean the slowest time of the year when it comes to business. We couldn’t disagree more about this, because this summer Sauna has been heating up big time! A few important things marked the summer of 2022 and one of them is scaling up our presence in Finland. Joona Komulainen joined our ranks as Commercial Director and is the first Sauna employee in Finland. In this interview you can get acquainted with Joona, his career path, and why he wanted to join Sauna.

Tell us a bit about the things you have done prior to Software Sauna

I’ve had the pleasure of working in various different industries – logistics, events, lead generation, accounting and even in sports. It has been my privilege to work with people that were much smarter than me, so I was able to fail fast and learn faster.

What excites me is learning, and exploring new possibilities. Both in my career and life in general. When I feel that something could be fun and teach me new skills, I am eager to give it a try.

What are the most valuable lessons from your sales career so far?

To be honest, the biggest lessons come from my children. I learned that every puzzle can be solved in different ways. The best solutions often stem from the right mix of ideas.

Patience is key. Whereas I used to be very impatient, now I am only impatient.

Sales is a universal language in my opinion. It is all about helping the client to make a decision, even if that decision is not your service or product. That is the greatest value that salespeople should bring to their clients. 

How did you end up joining Software Sauna?

As an agile and fast growing company, Sauna appealed to me in many ways. That was not always the case, however, as six months ago I had not even heard about Software Sauna.

I called a person who works in the Reaktor Fusion Ecosystem and also happens to be a member on the Sauna board. Perhaps he would know a driven and fast paced company that would be a good match for me.

Oddly enough he replied: “None come to mind.” But behind the scenes he contacted Sauna’s CEO Ilkka, who was searching for a new Commercial Director in Finland. Five minutes later Ilkka called me and told me that the company is full of young and hungry people, who are eager to keep improving. In such a thriving environment I am sure I will thrive too.

How would you describe your first month in the company? 

My first month has been full of surprises.

Not just the heat in Sauna and Croatia, but the warm welcome I received from my colleagues. The learning curve into the software business is a steep one, but with such colleagues by my side, I am sure I will master it quickly.

What are your plans for the future?

It is exciting to be the first Sauna employee in Finland, but surely not the last one!

I’m sure the future holds plenty of exciting things, such as the upcoming Finntech sailing event. The company has ambitious goals and my personal goals are no exception. We aim to be the number one remote software partner for Nordic companies. In order to achieve this, we must have a deep understanding of what our customers require from their partners, and make sure we meet and exceed their expectations.

Should your great idea become a software product? Contact Joona.

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