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Meetups are a good way to share the knowledge within community and a great place for people (e.g. developers) to meet each other, discuss about hot topics and learn new things. Usually there is a couple of presentations given during an hour or two and afterwards people mingle while having a beer and a pizza slice. This is a really important way for many to keep up their contacts to peers outside their own office and get some new ideas. Meetups are also a good way for companies to give back to the community by sharing their knowledge and experiences.

We at Software Sauna thought to bring our own twist to Zagreb meetup scene and came up with an idea of a totally new group where topics could vary, though still some how related to tech and business life e.g. from hardcore programming techniques to wellbeing at work. Basically anything what may interest people in the tech scene, but not only developers. And that’s how Zagreb Tech Sauna was born.

Even though we have to admit that during the first steps with our new meetup group we most likely will drill deep into the agile programming and newest technologies on the market as that’s what we do best 🙂  But in the future we will certainly broaden the scope. Maybe even our CEO will stand up on the stage and share insights of Nordic work culture or some other topic. Let’s see what happens…

The very first Zagreb Tech Sauna meetup took place on October 11th at HUB385 where our office is also located. HUB is a home for several Zagreb meetups and seminars as it provides great venue for events of various sizes, and their staff is always very helpful when organizing something.

As we launched something new for the Zagreb scene and it was also our first time doing our own meetup we thought it should be a special evening and different from others. Therefore it was a great occasion to also present our freshly brewed Sauna Pale Ale beer and offer the best burgers in town. Also we brought one speaker from Finland and we promise to make that as a tradition from now on.

Beside a short introduction to Software Sauna and our meetup group by our CEO Ilkka-Cristian Niemi there were two main speakers in the first event. Our Lead developer Marko Bjelac, a true evangelist of agile software craftsmanship, gave insight to Full-stack Test-driven Development. This topic seemed to create buzz and conversation.

The second speaker Teemu Tiilikainen from Talented Solutions (Helsinki) shared his experiences of writing tests for React native. We will definitely invite Teemu to Zagreb again – maybe when it gets warmer again. 🙂 All together almost 30 participants seemed to enjoy the burgers and beer, and hopefully both presentations also.

If you would be interested to talk in Zagreb Tech Sauna please don’t hesitate to contact us and present your idea. You might be the next one in the heat of the sauna!

You can find the talk slides here:

Marko Bjelac – Full-stack Test-driven Development

Teemu Tiilikainen – Writing Tests for React Native

And join the Meetup group here: Zagreb Tech Sauna  

-Sauna Team-

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