Software Sauna team - The first anniversary

The first anniversary of Software Sauna

Spring and especially the beginning of April is a very special time for Software Sauna as our business operations started on April 2nd, 2018. Therefore we celebrated our very first anniversary 2 weeks ago. As Sauna is our beloved child, we celebrated this occasion twice, both in Zagreb and Helsinki.

The first year of operations was a roller coaster as is often the case for startups. We started everything from scratch a year ago. Without an “anchor client” or a project, but with a mission to change the market of outsourcing and nearshoring services in software development. Step by step we have been able to climb up and have learned a lot during our journey to where we stand today. Indeed it has been an interesting ride, though not that easy as we may have thought it would be. It has been a good lesson and we as a company have found our core. Today we have a clear idea what we want to be and how we can stand out from our competition. We are ready to take the next big step ahead to scale up our business.

We did not only turn one year old, but we were also happy to welcome a new team member on board in the beginning of the month. As the company culture has been in the center of our business and identity of Sauna from the beginning, it was really important for us to find the right person to take care of the soul. We are very pleased that Sandra Stojčević started as our new Head of Talent. Sandra’s experience and network in the Croatian IT market is valuable for us. Also she shares the same vision and passion about creating a very special work place for talented developers as our team has. This is a crucial thing on our path to create a human-centered company culture and a true software craftsmanship guild. Welcome Sandra!

Sauna is now warm, but we shall keep heating it up! We are ready for the second year.

The First Anniversary Cake 2 - Software Sauna
The First Anniversary Cake - Software Sauna

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