Patient satisfaction comes from collaboration
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Patient satisfaction comes from collaboration

When three Finns are meeting in Zagreb, Croatia, the first thing that doesn’t come to mind is that this is about a project to develop a remote healthcare consultation service.

How digitalization helps patient satisfaction?

Marko Lähteenmäki, Managing Director of RemoTest Lausuntopalvelut, explains what it’s all about: “RemoTest offers remote consultation services for the healthcare sector, which means that in practice we bring examinations traditionally carried out only in specialist care to the primary health care. The patient receives to their home an examination device, for example, an ECG recorder. The software, developed by Software Sauna, then delivers the health data from the device to our specialist doctor for examination.”

“Our doctor writes a note to the same system, and our client utilizes the doctor’s opinion in the patient’s treatment. Our service has been running for three years, and we are constantly improving it. There is nothing new about our approach, but being able to adapt and grow during the massive ongoing changes in the Finnish social and healthcare industry is demanding to both our partners and us. Software Sauna, the platform developer, is headquartered here in Zagreb. SADE Innovations, based in Salo, Finland, provides CTO services for the project, i.e., project development and backlog management.”

Face-to-face meetings kickstart the development

Ilkka-Cristian Niemi, CEO of Software Sauna, adds: “We communicate mostly online, so such face-to-face meetings are essential for the whole team. It is delightful that Marko from RemoTest and Henkka from SADE made their visit to Croatia possible. Especially now, as we are specifying a new feature for the RemoTest system, which will be the biggest development project right after the initial MVP”.

Henry Lockmer (Henkka) from SADE Innovations agrees: “An outstanding backlog of requirements was put together for the team to build on and fine-tune the service over the coming months. The resource requirements and the timeframe for implementing the new service model are now at a completely different level than before, after the two-day workshop”.

Patient satisfaction comes from collaboration
Ilkka-Cristian Niemi (Software Sauna), Marko Lähteenmäki (RemoTest Lausuntopalvelut), and Henry Lockmer (SADE Innovations)

Collaboration at its finest

“I have to say that our cooperation is working extremely well,” all three gentlemen say with one voice. “Working with Sauna’s experienced developers is extremely easy. And SADE’s CTO management brings not only a longer-term overall technical management and structure to the software development but also very well-functioning monitoring of daily progress and development,” says Marko of RemoTest.

Ilkka-Cristian and Henkka agree and continue: “RemoTest is an overall first-class player, as they have an excellent and well-functioning service package. It is evident that in everything they do, they want to listen to their customers and improve the experience according to their wishes and needs. It’s great to be involved in a project that makes it easier to diagnose patients and thus also speeds up the patient’s access to treatment”.

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