Hello North Macedonia!

Hello, North Macedonia!

Warm greetings from Croatia to our Macedonian friends from the Tech sector. Software Sauna is expanding to North Macedonia and we are opening our office in Skopje. As we embrace the remote work at Sauna, we naturally welcome all experienced techies in the land of the eternal sun to join the heat, not only those in the capital.  

Software Sauna was founded 4 years ago by two Finnish friends and is part of the Reaktor accelerated Fusion ecosystem. Fusion is an alliance of +20 Finnish companies joining their expertise in all things digital. Thanks to cooperation within the ecosystem we have participated in many interesting international projects in Europe together with our friends.

From the very beginning Software Sauna has focused on serving companies in the Finnish market, but today we cooperate also with Norwegian, Swedish and German customers. We are happy to participate in projects that span different domains e.g.  eCommerce, Education and HealthTech, and are aimed to benefit people’s lives. That is the key purpose of all our projects, to make life a bit easier and better.

As our business has seen over a 1000% growth during the last four years it’s the right time to expand our operations in the region.  We’d love to invite more top-notch techies to join us and support our customers’ digital development across Europe. North Macedonia was chosen as a new destination for Sauna thanks to its rising tech scene.  There are international companies present in the country and the local ecosystem is growing. We want to be part of that development and bring our Nordic twist and a people-first company culture to the market. 

In Finland, people don’t know too much about North Macedonia (yet), but Croatia has a good relationship with their Balkan friends. We at Software Sauna want to cherish the best of these three cultures and bring them together by combining modern ways of working and the very best talent. 

Our slogan Code from Croatia with a Nordic twist shall be Code from Balkans with a Nordic twist in the future. As people and technology are close to our hearts, our humble goal is to build the best working place in the Balkan region for awesome people. 

Join our team in North Macedonia to experience a truly international workplace and work together with other experienced senior developers. Our plan is to grow the dream team in the region up to 100 top-notch experts in the long run.

We are looking forward to welcoming the first Macedonian colleagues on board before this winter is over in Finland. If you are one of the skilled Full Stack / Front-end Developers, we would like to hear from you. 

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