We want you! Come and join the heat!

We want you – Come and join the heat!

In Software Sauna we are happy to participate in projects that span different domains and are aimed to benefit people’s lives. That is the key purpose of all our projects to make life a bit easier and better. In order to do that we need great team members to come and join the heat! We are constantly on the lookout for great Full Stack and Front End developers. Here are some exciting projects we are working on that are waiting for their new team members!

Energy sector start-up: 

The increased cost of energy has become a financial burden on consumers. Our Norwegian client is a non-profit which is seeking to offer the most affordable electricity service to consumers in Norway. In addition to being the most cost-effective energy provider they offer their customers top notch web and mobile applications to manage their energy consumption. This is where the Software Sauna team shines. We already designed the architecture and are finishing the infrastructure, but now we are expanding our team to gear up development. The stack used here is Kotlin, Spring Boot, TS/React and React Native. 

E-commerce leader: 

Looking for the best deals online can be overwhelming. You either buy from tens of different websites to save money, or just buy everything from one provider to save yourself the hassle. Our Finnish client is creating a product aimed to revolutionise the e-commerce space and consumer experience. Software Sauna developers are building together with the client’s international team  the next big thing  using TS/ Next.js.

Bringing teachers and pupils together: 

Current times have proven to be hard on many aspects of our society, one of them being primary and secondary education. With teachers getting sick and missing work, many pupils are left with a gap in their education. Our private Finnish client wants to change that by developing an app that connects substitute teachers and teaching gigs. A dedicated Software Sauna team is working on this greenfield project, creating a PWA written in Kotlin and TS/React.

Education gamification:

Lifelong learning is key to personal development, but it can be hard to start. Sauna is currently working for a client that wants to make it fun and ignite people’s spark for learning! Their product gamifies education, in order to make learning fun and easy. Our customer is already established internationally in schools and corporations alike. On this project the stack consists of React, JS/TS, React Native, and Ruby on Rails.

If any of these projects sound interesting, come and join the heat!  We are looking for Full Stack developers with Java/Kotlin and/or TS/JS, and React/ React native specialists.

If you want to hear more about what it is like to work in Software Sauna contact Adrijana.

To read more about our previous projects check them on our reference page

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