Infobip Shift - Visited by Software Sauna

Infobip Shift 2023 developer conference visited by Software Sauna

“This is not another developer event. This is an experience that brings together the global tech community for two days of learning, networking, and creating new memories. This is a gathering of professionals, founders, leaders, disruptors, and dreamers. This is Shift. And we want to Shift Your World.”

That is how Infobip Shift, a 2-day multistage hybrid conference dedicated to software enthusiasts, describes itself. We heard their calling at Software Sauna, packed our bags, and traveled to Zadar to see how its value proposition stood up!

Infobip Shift - Stage setup
Shift’s stage setup

Our Journey Through Infobip Shift 2023

The Shift 2023 event in Zadar was an exceptional experience, living up to its promise of being more than a typical developer event. Over two days, it successfully united tech enthusiasts globally for intensive learning, networking, and creating unforgettable memories. In addition to meeting many of our Croatian friends, we were thrilled to engage and network with numerous international colleagues – the event had visitors from more than 40 countries.

With a diverse audience ranging from professionals to visionary founders and disruptive leaders, the event fostered an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration. Undoubtedly, it fulfilled its mission to “Shift Your World,” leaving the entire visiting Sauna team inspired and eager to embrace the future of technology.

Infobip Shift visitors

Transformative AI discussions: unpacking the event with renowned experts

The heart of the event revolved around captivating discussions on the transformative power of artificial intelligence and its profound impact on our world. Renowned speakers took the stage, shedding light on cutting-edge AI technologies and their applications.

Notable figures such as Baruch Sadogursky, Principal Developer Advocate at Gradle, shared valuable insights into “Developer Productivity – DIY (with ChatGPT),” demonstrating how artificial intelligence can enhance developers’ efficiency. In addition, James Q Quick, a Full Stack Developer, explored how “AI Is Revolutionizing Developer Experience,” prompting attendees to consider their readiness for this groundbreaking shift in the tech landscape.

Infobip Shift - Interior decoration

After talking with numerous colleagues, I noticed that for many attendees, including myself, the AI and the main stages proved to be the event’s focal points, providing rich platforms for knowledge exchange and innovation.

“All talk, no play, makes Dev a dull boy.” – Shift to conference fun mode!

Beyond the talks, the event offered several delightful diversions, including fun games such as basketball hosted by SofaScore and the thrilling Porsche experience, where attendees could test drive the latest Porsche models.

The conference’s meticulous organization ensured seamless transitions between sessions and offered various culinary delights, including delicious food, snacks, and refreshing beverages. Overall, for the Sauna team, the event was a spot-on success, leaving us completely satisfied. With this fantastic experience in mind, I eagerly anticipate attending again next year to explore the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation.

Wrapping up Infobip Shift in Zadar, Croatia – What a ride!

In conclusion, my experience at the Shift Conference 2023 was enriching and enlightening, and I can easily tell you that I’m talking for the whole Sauna team. The event’s focus on uprising technologies, particularly artificial intelligence, showcased the incredible strides in the tech industry – we’re living in the fastest-evolving times in human history. Scary? No. Awesome? Damn right, it is!

Infobit Shift 2024 happens September 16-17 in Croatia’s Zadar – book your calendar already and see you there!

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